Who Cannot Claim for a Bereavement Award?

It is important to note who is not entitled to claim for a bereavement award:

  • Child who loses a parent
  • Parent who loses a child over the age of 18 years
  • Loss of a sibling
  • Loss of a grandchildren
  • Loss of a grandparent

The number of family members who can claim is severely restricted and has been for many years.  This is truly unfair and unjust in our respectful view.  The law must be changed not only on the relevant family members who can claim but also the amount of compensation that can be claimed for a bereavement award.

Bereavements benefits or an allowance may be payable by the UK Government (previously called ‘widows pension‘).  This is for you not the solicitor to claim but your lawyer will point you in the right direction.  The general condition for claiming a bereavement allowance are that you must be:

  • widow, widower or surviving civil partner,
  • over  the age of 45 years,
  • below pension age,
  • paid into the National Insurance Scheme.

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