Fatal Accidents Act – Bereavement Award

Following the tragic loss of a loved one in fatal accident claim the law provides what bereaved families must undertake to obtain justice and lastly compensation.

However the Fatal Accidents Act is pitiful and outdated.  There is not a great deal we can do as specialist solicitors in this area other than apply to law to the best of our ability and achieve the best possible result given the law at it stands.

What is the Fatal Accidents Act?

The Fatal Accidents Act is passes as law by the Government.  It is not judge made law.  All judges and solicitors do is apply and interpret the law in the given circumstances.  The 1976 Act governs all fatal accidents in England and Wales.  It does not apply to Scotland who have their own laws which provides greater justice to the bereaved families left behind.

What is a Bereavement Award?

A bereavement award is payable where the deceased was killed following an accident that as caused as a result of another persons actions or omissions.  The current award is just £12,980.

The most common fatal accidents claims that solicitors encounter in England and Wales arise out of:

Fatal car accidents – death by dangerous driving

Fatal car accidents – death by careless driving

Fatal cycle accidents  death by dangerous driving

Fata motorbike accidents  death by careless driving

Fatal accidents at work

Posted: November 8, 2017 at 8:54 pm