Electrician Died Due to Fatal Accident at Work

Electrician Died Due to Fatal Accident at Work

It is believed the 32-year-old was taking part in work on a farm where he was contracted to fit and erect safety netting on a barn extension when his ladder came into contact with an 11,000 volt power line.

The deceased was thrown 20ft to the ground and was transported to hospital by an air ambulance when he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A Inquest Hearing took place into how the cause of death happened and it was confirmed there was an electrical burn from a cable which was 2m away from where the deceased was working, the electricity traveled straight through his arm to his toe causing a fatal heart attack.  The fatal accident occurred at the work place and yet another tragic statistic.

Accident at Work Claim

Safety of all employees in the work place is a priority to prevent a fatal work accident.  The Health and safety of the workforce is paramount.

The dependents and family of the deceased should also make sure that they receive specialist legal advice from qualified fatal work accident solicitors.

As a firm of solicitors with over 27 years of experience you can assured we consider and analyse carefully the full factual and legal aspects of every death at work.

Compensation will be available for each fatal accident where the fault was wholly or on part due to the employer’s negligence.  The main claims for compensation are for fatal accident at work claims are:

Further Fatal Accident At Work Claims Advice

We have a dedicated work accident compensation website that provides various information on various accidents at work which may be of assistance to you.  The website’s relevant page in this area is Fatal Accidents at Work for general legal advice Hutcheon Law fatal accidents.

Posted: February 14, 2016 at 8:30 am