Engineer Dies from Scissor Lift Accident

An engineer did not receive proper training or supervision for checking a scissor lift elevating platform at a construction plant hire.

The father-of-two was on top of the scissor lift as part of a port-hire check when it suddenly toppled over causing crushing to his spine and chest.

Emergency services were called and he was transported to hospital when he was pronounced deceased an hour post-accident.

An inquest hearing took place were it was found that there was two defects in the machine’s safety mechanism that contributed to the death or the worker.

The workers cause of death was crushing to his spine and chest resulting in his body going into the stake of shock.


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Safety of all employees in the work place is a priority to prevent a fatal or serious work place accidents. The Health and safety of the workforce is paramount.

The dependants and family of the deceased should make sure that they receive specialist legal advice from qualified fatal work accident solicitors to consider receiving compensation for fatal accidents at work on behalf of the deceased.

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Posted: October 6, 2015 at 6:55 pm