A grieving woman died car accident

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A grieving woman died in a head-on collision just weeks after her husband died.

It appears that the deceased’s vehicle seemed to be “drifting” which suggests she was tired and lost concentration which caused this fatality.

The driver of the vehicle which was involved in this head-on collision was airlifted to hospital and was later discharged with just minor injuries to her legs and chest.

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Following this fatality there was an inquest were it was believed that the weeks following up to this incident the deceased had been suffering with sleeping problems due to the loss of her husband for 30 years.

Later on in the inquest it was confirmed the clear reason for this fatality was due to lack of sleep which caused lack of concentration which caused her to travel in the wrong lane and collide head-on with a vehicle.

The family of the deceased conctated a Fatal Accident Solicitors, due to this the family of the deceased was awarded a breavement award in total of £11,000.

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Posted: April 1, 2015 at 1:30 pm