Man Charged With Death by Dangerous Driving

Death by careless driving is a common charge by the Police where a person has been or thought to have driving a motor vehicle in a way that may cause a fatal injury or an accident.

In one tragic case, a man from Portsmouth has been charged with suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving when after enquires and inspection of his vehicle a Ford Focus when a controlled drug was suspected to be over the prescribed limit.

In an article in referring to the fatal car accident there were tributes to the young former nursery worker who sadly lost her life in the fatal car accident.

It is reported that the ‘Vauxhall Corsa she had been driving home from work flipped on to its roof after leaving the carriageway hitting the central grass bank.’

‘Police say the male suspect is helping with their enquiries and there is no evidence to suggest at this stage that the two vehicles collided.’

Fatal Car Accidents

Unfortunate fatal car accidents are common on UK roads.  Whilst over recent years there has been a slight down turn in deaths on the road nevertheless it is still such a tragic statistic for each and every family affected by the untimely loss.

Any family member or concerned friend who requires some legal advice and assistance of what to do, how to obtain justice please contact us for advice and assistance.


Posted: October 6, 2016 at 8:29 am