Viola Beach – Heads for the Charts

The tragic fatal road accident which killed all members of Viola Beach and their manager are destined to reach the charts with the track “Swings & Waterslides.” Courtesy of You Tube the track can be viewed below.

Viola Beach, are reported where a band destined for success before the tragic weekend in Sweden, a local band in the North West.  We reported on the tragic car accident in our blog yesterday – Fatal car crash and Viola Beach.

On the Billboard website, it refers to Viola Beach’s single being destined for the UK’s Top 40 singles and is predicted to continue up the charts with the help of social media to introduce the band to a wider audience.

The Law and Fatal Car Accidents

As tragic as the recent events have been, families and dependants left behind want to find out:

  • What has happened and why?
  • Could this have been prevented?
  • What can stop anything similar happening again?

This is where fatal accident solicitors can help by liaising with the police, authorities, insurance companies to get to help get to the truth. Thereafter help to take action against those who may be at fault and ultimately compensate the families of the loved ones who have lost their life due to no fault of their own.

Who is at Fault?

We shall not speculate.  There are a number of issues however which will be investigated.

  • Was the driver at fault?
  • Was the vehicle defective?
  • Was there an issue with the bridge and safety notices and precautions?
  • A combination of any of the above.

If the vehicle was at fault, then the fatal accident solicitor acting for the family members of Viola Beach would consider action against the manufacturer of the motor vehicle and/or the company who hired the vehicle to the Band.

Again if there was an issue with the safety of the bridge, then action will be taken by owners or company responsible. ultimately in both situations above, they will be covered by insurance for all claims for fatal accident compensation.

If it was driver fault, then any claim will be taken against the driver of the vehicle, but in name only.  Here, again, the vehicle and driver would be insured and the insurance company will pay out any compensation to the family.

Further Advice on Making a Fatal Motor Accident Claim?

Contact our fatal accident solicitors for expert advice.  We are always here to help, based in Liverpool but acting for clients across England and Wales.

Posted: February 16, 2016 at 8:33 pm