Worker Died Due to Falling from a Ladder

Worker Died Due to Falling from a Ladder

A sub-contractor, aged 62 died due to falling from a ladder whilst inspecting a boiler in the loft space of a private residence close by too where he worked.

It is believed the worker, who was not frequently used to current British health and safety standards, was set to carry out refurbishment and improvement work at the residence which included putting a property loft ladder up, in which it was found the ceiling of the residence was not suitable to either two or three section extendable ladder.

There was restricted loft space in the residence, in which it was found it was not possible for the ladder to fit the retraining bar, which is used to lock the ladder at a safe angle.

As the deceased stepped on to the ladder, the omission of the retaining bar allowed the ladder to slide forward, causing the deceased to fall backwards and land on the floor below, this resulted in the deceased suffering from fatal head injuries. Lest not forget that this tragic accident may also fall under the fall from height regulations – for further information, see our sister website work accident claims and in particular Fall From Height Regulations.

A investigation took place into the matter, in which it was found that the accident could of been prevented had the task been thought through and the work was carried out in accordance with the correct instructions.


Fatal Accidents at Work Compensation Guide

Here at R James Hutcheon solicitors we understand that loss of a loved one can cause pain, grief and suffering and that no amount of compensation can recover this loss. However, the award of compensation for accident at work can help with the stress loved ones still having to pay the mortgage and bills such as as funeral costs, loan repayments and general household expenses. Anyone needing any more information please contact us Fatal Accident Claim Solicitor.

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The family/dependants are entitled to submit a claim on behalf of the deceased if it is found that the employees company was to blame.

Not only can the family get compensation for fatal accident at work, they are able to claim bereavement award and dependency claim which includes funeral expenses, serious loss due to being dependant to the deceased.

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Posted: December 28, 2015 at 3:42 pm