Roofer Died When He Fell from Scaffolding

A 16-year-old roofer died when he fell 6 metres from unguarded scaffolding.

The death at work claim happened when he was completing work at a local business and he was asked to throw rubbish bags, which weighed twice the weight of him, into a skip on the ground.

The deceased did this, without being provided with a harness or any safety equipment when he sadly lost balance and fell over 6 metres to the concrete ground below him. [Please be aware that there are specific laws relating to fall from heights at work; please see our work accident web- site: Fall from heights at work claims].

It is believed he was transported to hospital where he was being treated for serious head injuries when he sadly died one day post-accident.

The company which the apprentice was working for has been fined over £180,000 due to serious breach of health and safety regulations.

Fatal Accident At Work Compensation Claims

The family of the deceased may be entitled a fatal accident at work compensation claim in result the deat at work claim.  Please contact us for advice or a general chat with our expert fatal accident at work solicitors.

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Posted: May 11, 2015 at 5:46 pm